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Changelog πŸ“ƒ


  • Cartoon style avatars
  • Hair color selection
  • Bug fixes and optimizations


  • Fixed authentication bug that forced usage of API key instead of user token
  • Fixed issue when updating an avatar with neutral gender


  • Fixed camera angle issue in mobile devices (deformed avatars)
  • Updated GLTFast and Draco dependencies to Unity's fork
  • Added a project setup window in the Editor tool


  • Made organization a mandatory parameter for Session
  • Added organization setup to edior window
  • Fix API key generation


  • Updated API to v2
  • New avatar generator version
  • Added asset Wardrobe
  • Improved user experience and error handling
  • Improved Editor Window
  • Improved samples
  • Removed SuperAuth
  • Removed IFrame sample
  • Bug fixes and optimizations


  • Fixed issue in WebGL URP builds where webcam images where being darkened
  • Fixed the Trobuleshooting link


  • Added overload to ImportAvatarAsHumanoidLOD. Now it supports loading of a single LOD level
  • Updated DracoUnity to 4.1.0
  • Fixed Avatar View scaling in UI


  • Fixed WebCamTexture issue Unity 2022 WebGL builds
  • Fixed issue with LOD avatar importing
  • Fixed default bodies in avatar creation
  • Added filtering of version and style for garments and outfits
  • Other minor fixes


  • Refactored pose conversion and improved animations
  • Added VR support with User Interface (see docs)
  • Added default garments during customization
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Refactored Resource Downloader
  • Added support for LOD
  • Avatar cache improvements


  • Added support for v3 bodies
  • Fixed minor bug in avatar delete button


  • Fixed issue where linker wasn't being used during builds
  • Improved resource cache
  • Fixed avatar blinking animation
  • Fixed bug when deleting an avatar during the selection
  • Downgraded draco to 3.4.0
  • Added NPC sample to package


  • Hotfixes for Avatar Update and gender selection
  • Temporary disabled the WalletConnect button in the UI


  • Implementation of Avatar Inventory (Garments, Hairs, Brands and Collections)
  • Added name checking in avatar creation
  • Other minor fixes


  • Implementation of Developer Credentials (see docs)


  • Support for Avatar Optimization
  • Minor fixes to sample animations

V 1.0.0:​

  • Migration to Unity Packages
  • Swapped from GLTFUtility to GLTFast
  • AvatarImporter methods are now async
  • Usage analytics
  • Moved examples into package samples
  • SuperAuth (Experimental)
  • WalletConnect integration
  • New avatar creation UI
Pre v1.0

V 0.01:​

  • API Implementation
  • Avatar conversion
  • Examples
  • Oculus Lip Sync Module

V 0.02:​

  • Fixes some bugs related to async loading of UI elements
  • Fixed issues related to avatar texture naming
  • Fixed issue with error parsing when creating the avatars
  • Small changes to the Avatar Creation UI
  • Added support for URP

V 0.03:​

  • WebGL/IFrame support and example scene
  • Added support email to the setup screen
  • Changed File ID of the avatar cache (using avatar_id instead of file hash)
  • Lowered the light intensity of the example scene

V 0.04:​

  • Added Android support
  • Added third-party library to upload files
  • Added mobile friendly interface prefabs
  • Fixed issues caused by WebGL lib when building for other platforms (Android)
  • Added [Preserve] attributes to prevent code stripping

V 0.05:​

  • Reverting some change of GTLFUtility, now it uses its own shaders again. Better compatibility with other SDKs (slight modification that adds a depth pass in the transparent shader)
  • Fixed build errors in WebGL
  • Refactored API and web requests
  • Added in-engine registration
  • Added button to delete avatars in the avatar selection panel

V 0.051:​

  • Fixed bug that stopped UI from working in WebGL

V 0.052:​

  • Improved avatar T-Pose (better animation matching)

V 0.053:​

  • Fixed WebGL build errors (unexpected code stripping)
  • Fixed WebGL file uploading

V 0.054:​

  • Added AOTHelper and β€œlink.xml” to further reduce code stripping in WebGL build
  • Added origin header to POST request

V 0.06:​

  • New API update
  • Added β€œtab” navigation in UI
  • Added gender categories to body selection
  • Improved avatar and body loading in UI

V 0.061:​

  • Added β€œKinetix Emote SDK” to the modules window
  • Fixed bug in avatar creation UI which loaded the avatar multiple times
  • Refactored player camera in example scenes
  • Added a GetVersion method to bodies
  • Other minor bug fixes

V 0.062:​

  • Fixed issue: head used for avatar creation was being incorrectly requested
  • Small improvements in the IFrame example/templates