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How do we select the avatar type like half-body, full-body, etc while creating an avatar using the website as well as the API?

For the moment we only have the option of a full body. We are working on the half-body option but it's not ready yet.

How to get the defualt outfits from the API?

request to GET /bodies to give you bodies (You get the available bodies and with the ID you choose the body you want)link

Does Unionavatars avatar supports mixamo animations?

Yes, our skeleton is compatible with mixamo animations. If you need to use thier platform for animating your model you need to convert your model to FBX. You can also request a FBX model directly from the API by passing the output_type.


Mixamo platfom does not support metalic and roughtness shader maps. This may cause introption in the rendering on their platfom however should not effect the animating process.

Does Unionavatars supports lip-sync with the audio or any facial animations available?

we provide the shape-keys for the face that can be manipulated by the game engine and other software to animate the face. Please check this example from Unity SDK.

Is it possible to get only the face, hair, body and clothes textures?

You can't get only the face, hair, body and clothes without first get the avatar and after get the textures head, hair and clothes.

Can we get a default skeleton from Union Avatars which can be used as a base template for all characters?

Yes, you can take it from the avatar. Also you can check our designer documentation for more information.

Does each avatar have a unique UV mapping or is it interchangeable?

The face and the body of the avatar has the same UV’s but the woman’s avatar and the man’s avatar have different UV’s. In the clothes being different on each avatar has almost different UV.