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路 I鈥檓 experiencing lag/freezes just before the avatar loads

This is a known limitation of the third-party plugin, glTFRuntime, which we use to load the avatar glb's at runtime. The plugin's developers are working on improvements. You can follow their development on the glTF Runtime Discord.

路 BP_Union_RuntimeRetarget has unresolved compiler errors

The SDK comes with an example blueprint that replaces the default Unreal character. This blueprint relies on the Third Person Template provided by Unreal. If you don't have the Starter Content, remove BP_Union_RuntimeRetarget and ABP_UnionAvatars_RuntimeRetarget from your content browser.

路 The WebCam doesn鈥檛 show up in Unreal

Make sure you have followed all the required steps to setup your project, including the one about changing from DirectX 12 to DirectX 11. See the Project Requirements for more details.

路 The WebCam doesn鈥檛 work in Pixel Streaming

Due to the limitations of pixel streaming, Unreal cannot access the webcam directly. To work around this you could write an implementation of our IFrame into your HTML page and communicate with UE.

路 The avatar materials doesn鈥檛 show up in the build

Follow the next instructions from the gltfRuntime documentation:

If you get an error about materials, it could be that your packaging procedure is not including the plugin's Content directory. Go to Project Settings/Packaging, and expand the main section for accessing advanced options. Now just add the glTFRuntime Content directory to 'Additional Asset Directories to Cook' ('to Package' in UE4). You could be forced to do this even if you are using your customized materials. (note: if you get the same problem when hitting 'launch' in the editor, just run the level one time in PIE mode to force loading of the material asset)


Still having troubles setting up the SDK? Contact us: