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Importing animations from Mixamo

First you will need to load one of our avatars into Mixamo, if you don’t do this, chances are the armatures won’t be compatible at all.

We provide an FBX base that you can upload, you can find it in the Essential Sample:

Essential Samples/Developer/Mixamo_UnionAvatars.fbx


You can import the Essential Samples in the Package Manager window
Managing Samples

Now upload the avatar FBX to Mixamo


Once uploaded, select the animation you wish to export and press Download

Untitled Make sure the skin setting is set to “With Skin”. Leave the rest of the settings as thery are.


Once downloaded you can import it directly to Unity. Select in in the inspector and go to the Rig tab. Change the animation type from Generic to Humanoid.


Now you can apply your new animation to your custom avatar animator!