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Updating from old versions <1.0.0

The version 1.0.0 introduces breaking changes to the SDK which might break some of the compatibility with older versions. To know which changes are being made, please refer to the Changelog.

Before importing the new SDK you MUST delete the following folders in your project:

  • Plugins/GLTFUtility
  • Plugins/NativeFilePicker
  • Plugins/NewtonsoftJson
  • Plugins/StandaloneFileBrowser
  • Plugins/UnionAvatars
  • Plugins/WebGL/UnionAvatarsIFrame.jslib
  • Plugins/WebGLTemplates/Union Avatars

Import the SDK​

Once you downloaded the SDK it's as simple as Drag and Drop it into your Unity Project.


It is recommended not to change the default settings unless you know what you are doing.


This might take up to a few minutes since Unity needs to install all the required dependencies

The SDK Project Window​

When you import the SDK for the first time a new window will appear in your screen. We use this window to display some useful information, change settings and import optional modules.


You can find this window anytime at the top-bar:
Union Avatars β†’ Project Setup


SDK Settings​

  • Enable cache: Enables caches for avatars, bodies and thumbnails, making loading speed increase
  • Enable Avatar Optimization: Enables file optimization when creating an avatar, which reduces its size
  • Enable LOD: Enables level of detail generation for newly created avatars
  • Enable analytics: Enables metric recopilation to help us improve the experience of our SDK
  • Developer Credentials: SuperAuth credentials to be used dureing development (Only works in the Editor)