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· I get errors about SuperAuth

From version 1.2.0 onwards you will need to setup your developer credentials for the API. Please read Developer Credentials

· Missing dependencies errors

When you add our SDK for the first time it automatically add the required packages dependencies. If for some reason the installation fails, you can add them again using the tool in the top bar (Union Avatars > Install Requirements). If that still doesn't work, you can try adding the following packages manually through UPM:

· Avatars don't load in the build, but they do in Editor (Build crashes but editor works)

Most of the time this issue is related to missing shaders in your build. You can either create new shader variants files or add the shaders to the “Always Inlude Shaders” list in the build settings. Please check the Project Requirements and read the GLTFast documentation as it will explain all you need to get it running.

· The shaders look bad in the Build, but they look fine in the Editor

You might have not added the correct shader to the “Always Inlude Shaders” list in the build settings. Please check the Project Requirements and follow the instructions.

Another cause, if you’re building for Android, could be the Normal Map Encoding. We are still looking for a reliable way to approach this, but as a workaround you can change the Normal Map Encoding in the Player Settings to “XYZ”.

· I’m getting CORS errors in WebGL

If you are trying to host your project built with WebGL you will probably find Cross-Origin Request errors when calling the API. To work around this you should run your tests on “http://localhost:3000/” as it is the only origin we allow currently. If you wish to have your custom origin added, you can contact us on

· The UI renders the background in HDRP

Change the Color Buffer Format from R11G11B10 to R16G16B16A16 in your Render Pipeline Settings asset. Source


Still having troubles setting up the SDK? Contact us: