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Textures and Materials

For the materials for the outfit we have to always use a PBR shader. In Blender we use the Principled BDSF Shader.


We only allow for two maps : color and normal. The rest of the maps (roughness, metalness, emission, etc) must be deleted. This is because those maps are not supported in lots of environments, like Mixamo.

All the maps included have to be jpg and maximum 1024*1024 for size reasons. Texture maps should be around 100kb in size. If you images are heavier, please use to compress them.

For plugging the normal map, in blender it must be done like the following picture, with the Normal Map node and the “Color Space” set to Non-Color:



The material and textures of the body object have to be kept unchanged. This is because we change the skin color of the avatar to match the selfie of the person, and also because we use the name of the body texture to determine the gender of the avatar.

All the values inside the material can be tweaked at will. For example “Metallic” can be 1 and “Emission” can be set to any color.

If the color map has an alpha, it can also be plugged to the “Alpha”.

The name of the material has to be the same as the object (for example, UnionAvatars_Top) and each texture has also to be named like the object, with an _c at the end for the base color and a _n at the end for the normal map.