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Complete Outfits

Creating a complete outfit means that the user will be able to wear it directly on their avatar, without choosing any of the parts.

Getting Started

You should use these avatars as a base for creating your outfit. They contain all the basics so you can start. Please make sure to delete all the parts of the body that are not visible:

You should use this example avatar as a reference to guide you:

For detailed info on how to create the model, please check our Model Documentation.

For detailed info on how to create the textures and materials, please check our Textures and Materials Documentation.

For detailed info on how to do the rigging and skinning, please check our Rigging/Skinning Documentation.

What do we expect to receive?

The Files


For each outfit that you send us, we expect to receive two files. Both files should contain one of our avatars and an outfit complete with packed textures and rig. The first file should contain the normal clothes, and the second one the clothes with the sewn holes (watertight). In the chapter “Mesh holes” we explain what that means.

The files should be in blend format

The files should have the following name:


  • v2: is the version of the body you will be using. The latest version for complete outfits is the v2
  • phr: is the type of the avatar, stands for photorealistic.
  • Gender: either “female” or “male”
  • Company: the name of your company
  • BriefDescription: descriptive name for the asset (ex. LongDress))

File Structure



The internal structure of the file is very important. We cannot import a file to our system if it does not include the following mandatory elements with this exact name:

  • Armature - The rig for the body that is already given
  • UnionAvatars_Body - The body that is also given
  • UnionAvatars_Top - All the top parts of the outfit merged
  • Empty-Head - Empty object for the head. Also given

You can also add these optional elements:

  • UnionAvatars_Bottom - All the bottom parts of the outfit merged
  • UnionAvatars_Shoes - Shoes for the outfit. Both should be in the same object
  • UnionAvatars_Acs - Accessories that don’t fit any other category

Extra meshes should not be added. Garments made of multiple pieces should be joined together.

Polygon Limit

For the Union Avatars the full body without the head should be around 10k polygons(triangles) at maximum. That includes visible parts of the body (parts of the body that are not visible should be deleted), garments, footwear, and accessories. The following example has a total polygon count (triangles) of 6.544:



If your outfit has heels, you have to make sure that everything is higher than the 0,0 line for the world:


If your heels are lower thant the 0,0 line, you will have to move the feet upper in the scene.